"Mathematical Transgressions"
March 15-19, 2015, Cracow, Poland

email: iscmt15@up.krakow.pl

About the conference

The idea of this conference has emerged among Polish mathematics educators who recognized an urgent contemporary demand for integrating scientists representing seemingly distant fields of knowledge into successful education of creative, in particular mathematically fit, students. We believe that in order to fully understand student's school situation and support effectively school training one has to consider many distinct points of view. Thus educators of mathematics, mathematicians, pedagogues, psychologists and philosophers are invited to participate in the conference.

According to the 1st Law of Dimensional Ontology, formulated by an Austrian psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl:

"One and the same phenomenon projected out of its own dimension into dimensions lower than its own is depicted in such a way that the individual pictures contradict one another."

We find it valuable to adopt this statement into the ground of diversity of sciences.

None of single projections can provide us with a complete and precise information about the object being explored. We should be aware of the fact that hanging onto only one of them might lead false beliefs threatening the final objective. Frankl reminds us that one projection is not enough to regard the whole object. We need to have the courage at this point to appraise our own insufficiency.

Successful education requires the revision of standard points of view, depriving of prejudices and expanding educators knowledge and methods by those resulting from interdisciplinary collaborations.

In accordance to the Laws of Dimensional Ontology, the truth is always in the higher dimension. Hence, remaining in lower dimensional surroundings we are never going to find it. Forthcoming discussions are expected to result in multidimensional cooperation in the field of educational research and initiatives raising the quality and efficiency of contemporary education, in particular in mathematical education. We encourage you to prepare your concept for interdisciplinary research project or educational initiative. There will be a special time during that conference when you will be asked to share your idea with other participants. We hope that the proposed kind of activity will help you to find someone for effective collaboration through sharing your interests and joining forces.

Topics we are going to focus on are the following:

  1. Didactics of mathematics as a scientific discipline in statu nascendi.
  2. Psychology of mathematics. Psychological aspects of learning mathematics.
  3. Philosophy of mathematics: Platonism versus problem solving view.
  4. The relationship between theory and practice in mathematics education.
  5. Underachievement Syndrome in learning mathematics.
  6. A trap of didactical contract.
  7. Teaching mathematics in 21st century: new methods, new objectives and new content.

Activities during the conference:

  • Plenary lectures
  • Oral presentations in sessions
  • Workshops
  • Open Discussion

Conference languages: English and Polish. One of the plenary lectures will be given in French. We provide translation for plenary lectures and workshops.

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